One Night In Chicago 2015

Without A Song

CD liner notes:

Live in Chicago at High-Hat Club

Since making Chicago my home, I have been blessed to have had the consistent weekly opportunity to do what I love and doubly blessed to have found an incredibly faithful audience and incredibly talented musicians. There is no more treasured a space for me than in an intimate club, on a stage, mic in hand, flanked by my musicians and the audience. I am forever indebted to each.

Of all of the Chicago venues, the one that was housed at 1920 Irving Park Rd. was paramount to me and my career as an artist. In 2015, it had reopened as Hi-Hat Club, but for 15 years prior it had been Katerina's, one of Chicago's most beloved music venues and a “home” to me.

As an artist, the experience of performing for a supportive audience in an intimate space is like nothing else. The ideas and energy created from the exchange between audience and musician results in a heightened experience that can never be duplicated. Some of my favorite classic albums have been live recordings for this very reason. The musicians are heard in a direct and wholly unique response to their surroundings and you are able to revisit that moment in time as it occurred.

On a sweltering night in June, my faithful Chicago audience poured themselves into the intimacy of 1920 West Irving Park Road once again. With the tunes picked, my A-list band assembled, and in the spirit of all of my past experiences in that space, I recorded the album you now hold in your hands.

With every note played and sung, every comment made, every laugh shared, every glass clinked and every fork dropped, I truly hope you enjoy revisiting with me, the night and the music of June 10, 2015 at High-Hat Club.

One singer. One band. One audience. One set. One take. One Night In Chicago.


Released on October 12, 2015

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Chicago-based jazz vocalist Paul Marinaro, dubbed as having "one of the most plush baritones in Chicago – or just about anywhere else" by Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune, is a modern classic.

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